May Baily's Place

Sips of Storyville

See what’s behind the red velvet curtain of the newly re-imagined May Baily’s Place. This Creole-style cottage was once one of the first and most notorious bordellos of New Orleans’ Storyville red-light district.  Come discover a boudoir-inspired escape, where sultry sips and hand-crafted cocktails mingle with burlesque art and indulgent fabrics and textures.  Listen to live music Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 4:30pm.

Alongside historic details, such as a framed copy of the operating license granted to May Baily in 1857 and a red light that burns above the bar, May Baily’s has been known for its numerous ghost sightings. The bar was even featured on the Travel Channel’s hit TV show, Ghost Adventures.  A red light that adorns its entrance pays homages to its colorful past.

A haunted New Orleans bar

During the city’s legalized red-light district in mid to late 19th century, May Baily’s Place had carved out a reputation long before prostitution was legalized.  Ghost hunters who visit New Orleans have surmised that one of the working girls of May’s brothel still haunts to this day.  Identified from old letters, she is a courtesan specializing in mixing cocktails for her gentleman callers.  Her presence is often felt as liquor bottles along the back bar are found inexplicably rearranged or when a faint shadow is seen in the mirror.   The courtesan’s spirit has been detected on the electromagnetic field equipment of ghost hunters who noticed the EMF spikes rising when a male bartender entered the old brothel, suggesting that the female spirit prefers the company of men.


Take a peak inside May Baily's Place.