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Mar. 8, 2006 : My husband and I spent our honeymoon at the Dauphine Orleans and could not have chosen a better place to stay. The location was just far enough away from Bourbon Street to avoid the noise, but close enough to be near the action. The staff was very warm and welcoming and our room was kept incredibly clean daily. Our hearts were broken during Hurricane Katrina as New Orleans will always be special for us. So glad to see that the Dauphine is back open. We will stay there again some day!!

Feb. 21, 2006 : Although we were chased out of New Orleans by Katrina, we were among the last to leave. We boogied over to Baton Rouge hoping Kat would pass by and leave the Big Easy no worse for wear. If the levee hadn't broken, we would have go back to Dauphine Orleans the next day. It's a great place to stay and both of their courtyards are great. We'll be back down in April, at the Dauphine Orleans, prior to the '07 hurricane season. See you there!

Feb. 19, 2006 : Hello My husband and I stayed at your enchanting hotel over 10 years ago and after Katrina I wanted to see how you faired. I am so excited to see your website and revisit the wonderful memories we had there through your pictures. What a simply beautiful place, we will never forget our stay with you! Kim and Dave Mullins Canada

Jan. 29, 2006 : Before we moved to Lousiana in 2004, we stayed at this hotel 3 times. It is a wonderful place to stay. We highly recommend it. It is very romantic, very much like a bed and breakfast but more privacy. Best place to stay in New Orleans!

Dec. 24, 2005 : Peggy was the best. She even called me to let me know that she was able to extend my stay even before I arrived. Peggy is a total asset to the Dauphine Orleans! Thanks Peggy

Nov. 24, 2005 : Just wanted to say we're happy you're reopening after the horrible storms this year. We've been trying to contact the hotel since they happened with no success. We are concerned about Elaine and Elston and all those that we spent Hurricane Ivan with - Michelle who acted as bartender and the lady who is the sales manager (sorry, can't remember your name.) We'll be calling on Dec. 1 to check up on all of you and the status of the hotel. Happy Thanksgiving and an early Season's Greetings to all of you.

Nov. 2, 2005 : As soon as you are back up, I'll be there.

Oct. 14, 2005 : My husband and I stayed at the Dauphine in April 2004. This was our first trip to New Orleans. Our room (overlooking the pool) was lovely and romantic and we felt as if we had stepped back in time. I hope there was not too much damage due to the floodwaters - what a pity! We will stay with you again should we find ourselves in New Orleans. God Bless!

Sep. 23, 2005 : I wanted to say that I stayed at your lovely hotel almost twenty years ago. I just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you during this extremely taxing time. New Orleans and the French Quarter have always had a special place in my heart and I hope that you are able to reopen at some point soon and prosper again. Good luck to you.

Sep. 22, 2005 : Anytime I stay in New Orleans, I always stay at the Dauphine Orleans. My thoughts are with you as this great city rebuilds. I will be back to stay with you all again.

Sep. 21, 2005 : I stayed at the Dauphine Orleans in February for Mardi Gras, and I just wanted to say the stay was amazing. The staff was curtious and the rooms were luxurious. Whenever I go back to New Orleans, you'll be sure to see me there. -Jason

Sep. 6, 2005 : The dauphine is a beautiful hotel that i would recommend to all my friends and family back home . The staff are so friendly, kind and helpful. I hope that all the hotels staff and there families are safe after the events of hurricane Katrina .

Sep. 5, 2005 : I stayed at the Dauphine Orleans with a friend for a couple of days before departing on a cruise of the Mayan Riviera, in August of 2003. Ever since I've been trying to make time for my fiance and I to get down there. Now with Hurricane Katrina . . . I am very sad for all who are a part of the magic that is New Orleans. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that the magic will rekindle once again, very soon. Bless you all.

Sep. 3, 2005 : I don't know if anyone will check this posting, but I hope everyone who works at the Dauphine as well as their families are safe. I am thinking of you all and cannot imagine how hard this must be for everyone. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Sep. 1, 2005 : My husband and I stayed at the Dauphine Orleans 9 years ago on our honeymoon. I came to the website today just to look at in again. I'm sure that Hurricane Katrina has destroyed it. It makes me want to cry.

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